Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) of Xpertech integrates methods, practices, people, and technologies that improve information security management across the organization, not just the network. The service is capable of preventing, detecting and responding to threats and vulnerabilities in real time.
The offering is comprised of outsourcing monitoring and management of security assets that include firewalls, intrusion detection and / or intrusion prevention systems (IDS / IPS), VPNs, vulnerability analysis, intrusion testing and sending of alerts Preventive measures based on a 24x7 regime allowing the client to increase their security posture and reduce costs.
Managed Security Services
  • Firewall Management: Specialized management of rules and configurations, whose goal is to maintain device availability and performance, maximize uptime and manage change.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems Management: Proactive identification and isolation of actual security attacks through event correlation, data normalization, and analysis to detect threats and reduce the number of false alarms.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems Management: Proactive prevention of security attacks through the configuration of devices, management and monitoring of the main intrusion prevention service platforms.
  • Log Management: Provides reliability in the collection, analysis and storage of data records of critical networks, hosts and applications, with 24x7 monitoring and real-time security alerts.
  • Vulnerability Management: A wide selection of services that help the user follow the process of identifying, solving and managing network vulnerabilities, devices and applications.